Whether you’re a backyard gardener, landscape professional or just interested in native plants and their wildlife interactions, this certificate program offers a comprehensive approach to gardening in harmony with nature using ecologically sound practices. 

The Mt. Cuba Center Ecological Gardening Certificate program explores the concept of gardening in the context of an ecosystem. Subjects include the importance of life in the soil, identifying and growing native plants, and the fundamentals of eco-friendly horticulture practices. Learn how to attract beneficial wildlife like birds, bees, and butterflies into your garden by creating an inviting ecological design.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

• Design ecologically sound gardens by imitating nature’s patterns and systems

• Create beautiful landscapes with high ecological function

• Be proficient in native plant identification and landscape use

• Use organic landscape practices to create resilient environments

• Understand plant health issues and how to manage them sustainably

• Gain tools to become a conservator of our natural habitats

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